What We Do

Our goal is to consider all the factors impacting your health. So, like your medical doctor, we’ll take an in-depth history and gather information from a physical exam and lab tests. However, we’ll also spend much more time talking with you and choose from a wide range of additional tools and treatments to determine-and heal-the root cause of your condition.

Thorough One-on-One Appointments with our Physicians

Our doctors and our friendly, helpful staff take the time to know you and to make sure you clearly understand your situation and the steps of the treatment plan.

Natural Medicine/Biomedicine

Guiding biochemical processes in all body functions through: vitamins, botanicals, amino acids, minerals and special fats.

Prescriptive Medicine

We’ll prescribe medications when needed to help you with anxiety, sleep, pain and inflammation, immune support, infections, and digestion.

Bio-Identical Hormones

These natural hormones can shift and direct your cellular and organ behavior to its younger, healthier state.

Intravenous Nutrients

This rapid method of delivering nutrients to your system helps improve energy, immune function, detox, and some forms of cardiovascular disease.

Intramuscular Injections

Delivering nutrients directly into the muscle helps improve energy levels, immune function, detox, and low iron levels.


Also known as regenerative injection therapy, addresses the cause of muscle and joint pain by healing the damage to ligaments and tendons. We treat athletic injuries, sprains and strains, overuse injuries, repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, back pain, and other chronic pain syndromes. If you have instability, weakness or pain around a joint, regardless of the cause, prolotherapy may be an option to help you restore pain free movement and start enjoying activities again.

Neural Therapy

An injection technique aimed at normalizing the autonomic nervous system; with reduction in pain as well as the ability to to address the underlying organ system dysfunction.

Trigger Point Injections for Pain

We treat areas of central, focal and referred pain through biotherapeutic injections. Headaches and migraines, low back, spinal and hip pain are examples that respond well to specialized injection techniques and medicines.

Frequency Specific Micro-current Treatments

We use micro-current as a non-narcotic pain control strategy to relieve inflammation and stiffness and nerve pain. Microcurrent also has the ability to address underlying biochemical imbalances by improving cellular health.

Homeopathic Medicine

Safe and effective preparations modulate and balance cell and organ behavior—and focus on healing from the inside out.

Specific Testing

We are specialized in functional and toxicity based laboratory testing and can help you determine which tests are most pertinent to you.

Dr. Vosloo’s and Dr. Hatlestad’s effective, proven and commonsense system has worked for more than a quarter century to help patients with serious and chronic diseases get their lives back, improve energy levels, decrease and, ultimately, overcome pain.