Chronic Infections

For optimal health, it is essential to identify infections underlying the disease or symptoms you’re experiencing. Our methods for addressing chronic infection include anti-infective agents; immune, nutritional, and hormonal support; and detoxification.

Our bodies have evolved closely with various infectious agents over the millennia. In some instances these organisms are successfully removed as causal agents for disease, whether it be through a natural progression such as occurred with Europe’s black plague, or an effective medical intervention like the vaccine for Polio. However, many other infectious agents have proven to be longstanding, opportunistic organisms that continue to prosper amidst our population. Such agents include chicken pox, roseola infantum (HHV6), infectious mononucleosis (Mono, EBV, glandular fever) and cytomegalovirus (CMV)–all of which may cause a  mild disease that does not threaten life or limb in the average person. They also tend to be fairly ubiquitous.

These examples of successful, commonly seen infectious organisms are all members of the herpes virus family and can survive in a healthy host for many decades, only to be a problem if the immune system is suppressed by mental or emotional stress, cytotoxic chemotherapy, steroid therapy, or ionizing radiation that may suppress the immune system and bone marrow. The concern regarding such viruses and other bacterial, fungal and parasitic hitchhikers (Candida, Lyme Disease and others) is that they are strongly associated with numerous conditions, including allergies, asthma, cancer, heart disease, neurologic degenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis and auto-immune disease.

Currently, it is understood that these types of infections can lie dormant for years, or even decades. They may reactivate under many different conditions and drive the inflammation and tissue dysfunction responsible for disease symptoms. To successfully treat many clinical conditions, it is essential to identify any infection that might be underlying the disease state or symptoms you’re experiencing. Our comprehensive methods for addressing chronic infections include thorough diagnosis,  anti-infective agents (both natural and prescriptive), immune, nutritional and hormonal support, and detoxification.