Bee Venom Therapy

Honey bee venom, injected subcutaneously, can provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain conditions, including joint pain from arthritis, low back pain, and neck pain.

The injections should be administered by a trained professional to ensure the greatest benefit and minimal side effects. Many patients find adequate relief after a short series of 3 to 6 weekly treatments.


How Does it Work?

The venom, named apitoxin, is made up of various proteins and constituents believed to temporarily create a localized, therapeutic inflammation that leads to pain reduction. Although research has not identified the exact mechanism through which apitoxin works, the following physiological effects have been proposed:

  • Combined pro-inflammatory & anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased cortisol production
  • Increased circulation
  • Local anticoagulant effect
  • Analgesic effect