Detoxification Regimens

Whether you are looking for a basic detoxification program to boost your overall health and energy, or in need of condition-specific support, Restorative Health Clinic can provide you with the necessary tools and guidance.

Each of our doctors prioritize detoxification support from the beginning of treatment to ensure optimal outcomes and provide patients with faster, long-term health improvements. Detoxification is the greatest tool our body has for clearing toxins; by enhancing detox, you enhance your health.

Speak to one of our Doctor’s today about detoxification and your unique health concerns. Below are a few of the therapies offered at Restorative Health Clinic to help your optimize your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Purify & Replenish : Our signature 21 day detoxification program

Three phases of care, Detoxify, Purify and Replenish, come together to optimize detoxification in your liver and tissues, remove unwanted microorganisms and regenerate organ vitality. The program includes an elimination diet that will decrease inflammation and allow you to identify food sensitivities that disrupt your daily health.

Additional detox approaches we offer:

  • Glutathione– Intravenous, injection and oral options
  • Vitamin B Complex shots
  • Dietary counseling– Recommendations to enhance liver detox and support kidney function
  • Steam Sauna
  • Detox-focused supplements– Protein powders and therapeutic nutrients
  • Botanical & Homeopathic Lymphatic Support
  • Neural Therapy Injections- Specific to liver support and lymphatic drainage