Intravenous Medicine

Restorative Health Clinic is proud to offer numerous intravenous therapies to support our patients in healing, restoring lost energy and charging their immune systems. Intravenous medicine is the delivery of fluids, vital nutrients, and medications directly into the blood, bypassing barriers such as poor nutrient absorption in the gut.

For patients suffering with gastrointestinal complaints, hard-to-beat chronic infections, general nutrient deficiency and other challenging health conditions, IV therapy offers the quickest delivery of nutrients. Our IV’s can be modified to meet individual needs and provide overall support for nearly every condition.

Ask your physician about the following IV options and which is appropriate for you:

  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral IV’s
  • DMSO Anti-inflammatory IV
  • Musculoskeletal Pain IV’s
  • Anti-viral IV’s (Vit C, H2O2)
  • Autohemotherapy IV
  • Chelation therapy
  • Glutathione therapy
  • Iron therapy