Micronutrient Supplements

Natural supplements play a key role in the early stages of naturopathic care for illness. When significant nutrient deficiencies, chronic infections or hormonal imbalances interrupt the body’s functions, supportive natural medicines provide what the body needs to begin the healing process. Many factors pre-dispose us to such imbalances, including limited diets, chronic stress, illness, digestive complaints and even genetics. Through the use of botanicals, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and minerals, these imbalances can be corrected by replenishing deficient nutrients and supporting enzymatic processes in the body.

Restorative Health Clinic maintains a small medicinary, stocked with supplements personally selected by our physicians for their proven effectiveness and the convenience of our patients. In addition to Restorative Health’s own line of commonly requested supplements, we also offer the following brands and more:

Professional Complementary Health Formulas
Mountain Peak Nutritionals
Allergy Research Group
Heel Homeopathics
Designs for Health
Thorne Research
Klaire Labs

For your convenience, we carry our supplements in multiple forms, including:

Tablets and capsules: herbs, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies
Sublingual liquids: vitamins, minerals, nutrients, homeopathic remedies
Supplement & protein powders
Topical creams for pain & inflammation