Pain Management

Managing pain is a complex process that relies upon an equal partnership between you and your physician to create a plan that:

  • Addresses the underlying cause
  • Provides you with daily, reliable relief
  • Doesn’t impair your ability to function during the day
  • Benefits your overall health

Whether your pain is short term (sprains, strains, etc.) or chronic (Fibromyalgia, migraines, neuralgia, etc.), you deserve a personalized approach that will help your to find relief and enjoy your life. Our physicians offer a combination of natural and conventional pain management tools, including hands-on treatments, nutritional therapies, supplements and more. Possible treatments for you include:

Injection Therapies
Non-steroidal injection therapies can greatly reduce pain, while supporting tissue healing and promoting a balanced nervous system. Depending on the type and location of the pain you are experiencing, our doctors may recommend Prolotherapy, Neural therapy, trigger point injections, Prolozone, or bee venom therapy.

Prolotherapy and Prolozone are especially effective for chronic joint, and in some cases, may prevent the need for invasive & costly surgeries. Neural therapy helps to decrease visceral pain and address underlying causes, such as nervous system dysfunction and decreased pain threshold. Bee venom therapy and trigger point injections are also effective treatment options, and have helped many of our patients overcome chronic neck and back pain. Speak with a physician today about additional injection therapies to address neuralgia, arthritis and back pain.

Natural Supplements
We use botanicals, homeopathic remedies & concentrated nutrients to effectively reduce inflammation and discomfort, while decreasing dependency upon NSAIDs and prescription painkillers. Natural interventions can help to relieve symptoms without driving addiction or causing the many side effects associated with prescription pain therapy: sedation, confusion, drowsiness, gastritis, constipation & sleep disturbance.

Whether you are in need of an anti-spasmodic, analgesic, or anti-inflammatory, there are safe and affordable options to support your body’s natural healing capabilities.

IV Therapy
Intravenous infusions are the quickest and most reliable way to deliver therapeutic doses of vital nutrients to your body, helping to reduce inflammation and pain. For those suffering from poor digestion and absorption, gastrointestinal side effects from medications and supplements, or in need of immediate relief, IV therapy is the front runner in patient care.

At Restorative Health Clinic, our most popular IV’s provide general energy, detoxification and immune support, helping to address the underlying causes of your pain. We also offer specially formulated IV’s to reduce joint and muscle discomfort, and significantly lower systemic inflammation.

Microcurrent Therapy
Speaking to your nervous system is one of the best therapeutic tools for pain management. Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is believed to do exactly that, by resonating with biologic tissue to gently alter function and structure. These tissue changes help to decrease underlying nervous system, organ and musculoskeletal dysfunction that give rise to inflammation and pain. FSM programs include those designed specifically for pain (back pain, visceral pain, neuralgia, etc), as well as programs to return balance to your nervous system and address excessive stress responses in your body.

Pharmaceutical Intervention
At Restorative Health Clinic, we prioritize long term, regenerative healing through multi-system support. We also believe in your right to experience pain relief today, so that your mind and body have the ability to start that healing process. Prescription pain medications, when necessary, are used as effective, temporary tools in combination with natural therapies and detoxification support to decrease side effects.