I was initially referred to Dr. Vosloo by my wife as she was currently a patient of his. On my first visit I was somewhat skeptical as I figured he would be like most MD’s and therefore grouped him into the status quo. I was pleasantly surprised at our primary meeting as he spent more time with me then I have ever spent with any other medical professional in the past.
My consultation with Dr. Vosloo was for him to take a look at my blood work (tests) that I had got from my primary physician. My primary MD had told me that my hormone levels were fine, despite being at the low side of a very broad range, in fact they were that of a 70 year old man (not to mention the fact that I am a lot younger than that). I was not content with my primary’s opinion as I was constantly tired, and had blood work that anecdotally showed why.
In as much as my primary MD was trying to be helpful, he is working within a range that is extremely broad, with the high side being 600 percent over that of the low. I soon figured out that this one size fits all protocol relating to my issue was not going to work for me. In looking at my results, Dr. Vosloo suggested taking his own blood work that had much more depth than what I currently had, and then treating based upon his findings.
In the time period after getting my results back, my blood work clearly showed that my levels were depressed to a point that Dr. Vosloo was not happy with, and also showed other area’s that could be improved upon not even addressed by my well intentioned primary MD. At this point Dr. Vosloo worked with me on the understanding on why my levels were low, what to do about this to improve them on a conservative basis, and if that did not work how he could utilize other treatments that were more aggressive. He also spent the time to educate me on what was going on, in an easy to understand fashion, and answered questions I had after doing research on my own.
I am happy to say that after a short period of time working with Dr. Vosloo I am on the right path. I have to say he has been a big help to me, I have learned a great deal, and my quality of life is improving. This once skeptical new patient has come full circle to realize that this new relationship will serve me well for years to come.

Werner I.

Dr Jarosz has been the first doctor able to get to the bottom of my long-term fatigue issues. I am very grateful for his thorough, kind approach. He does an excellent job at combining conventional and alternative methods into an integrative plan of care.

anonymous verified patient

When it comes to treating the whole patient, Dr. Glen does just that. He addresses each concern and how it relates to his patient’s overall health. I would and have recommended him to other potential patients.

anonymous verified patient

I began prolotherapy treatment with Dr. Glen Jarosz in April 2011 for severe hand pain and weakness, primarily in the thumb, fingers and wrist due to osteoarthritis. I could not use my thumb to grip or pinch and movement of my wrist and fingers were severely limited. Initially, Dr. Jarosz injected all of the affected areas and within 10 days the stiffness and pain in my fingers was entirely resolved. I also experienced a 60-75% improvement in my thumb and wrist pain and range of motion.
In May, 2011, I received a second treatment at which time he only injected the thumb and wrist areas. Again, the response was remarkable. I enjoyed close to full function within 10 days. I believe that prolotherapy is a powerful tool in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and would highly recommend Dr. Jarosz for his expertise in performing this treatment.


When I came home from college I was very sick. I had several things wrong with my body, and I would get infections and sick very easily. Every month since I was little I got a bladder infection.
I haven’t had any type of sickness since I started seeing Dr. Vosloo. He has helped me more than any other doctor I have seen. It has been a year since I first came. My Overall health is amazing!!! I feel better now than I ever have. I am able to go back to college and continue my education.
I am so grateful that I found Dr. Vosloo. Everything he has told me to do has worked.

a satisfied patient

My son began treatment with Dr. Jarosz about 2 years ago. A the time my 6 year-old son suffered from many medical issues including: social and communication difficulties, gastro-intestinal distress, high toxin loads, visual and auditory processing problems, behavioral issues and learning disabilities.
Dr. Jarosz was gentle, calm and willing to work with us. He believed in my son’s recovery. Over the course of the next year, Dr. Jarosz’ medical care changed my son’s life. My son is now a happy, healthy child who enjoys a high quality of life. He has friends and enjoys going to school and interacting in the community. My family is very appreciative to Dr. Jarosz for his dedication to wellness in our community. I would highly recommend him.


I have been seeing Dr. Vosloo for treatment of chronic and persistent pain, excessive fatigue, and for Lyme disease (which had gotten to a very advanced stage). I have been in treatment with him for a little over a year; and the progress made in my health is absolutely beyond anything I had imagined possible. Over many years, I have seen so many doctors that I can’t even count them. I had thought that I would be doomed to being couch-bound, in “survival mode,” and on pain medicines for the rest of my life. This is after having led a very active, athletic lifestyle interspersed with increasing times of illness, primarily due to progression of the Lyme disease.
Dr. Vosloo is very patient, listens extremely well, and truly works with his patients on a personal level that I have found very rare in the medical field. He tested for things that other doctors would not even think of testing and found I had many things “out of whack” in my body that were interfering with the ability of my body to heal. For example, I found out that I had toxic metals poisoning, and have been treated for that. In the State of Oregon, naturopathic doctors are able to treat with prescription medications as well as natural supplements. I think the combination is what has allowed me to progress so well.
At this point, I have gone from a person that could barely walk across my apartment without getting out of breath, when I began seeing him, to beginning to joyfully swim (albeit slowly) in the pool everyday. I am now able to shower everyday, go shopping for groceries, wash my car, decorate my apartment, cook my meals; well, things that most people take for granted.
I look forward to continuing improvement. I can’t recommend Dr. Vosloo highly enough!

a happy patient