Dr. Brett Kingsley, ND

Dr. Brett Kingsley

Dr. Brett Kingsley is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Portland, Oregon who is currently completing his first year residency at Restorative Health Clinic. His passion for complex chronic illness stems from seeing those closest to him neglected by the healthcare system when their health became too complicated. Allowing patients to feel heard and be supported has been his number one priority. Dr. Kingsley’s favorite naturopathic principle is Docere, which means doctor as teacher. As a healthcare provider, he wants all his patients to have a clear understanding of their own health and empower them to learn as much about what they are experiencing as possible. Dr. Kingsley specializes in mold toxicity, tick borne disease, CIRS, and other chronic infections. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Kingsley spends most of his time exploring all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer with his wife and son. He particularly enjoys hiking, camping, and paddleboarding. He also spends a lot of time woodworking and becoming a grill master.