Dr. Vy Simeles, ND

Dr. Vy Simeles

Dr. Vy Simeles earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master’s in Acupuncture from National University of Natural Medicine (Portland, Oregon). In a world where we are often resigned to our circumstances and limitations, Dr. Simeles helps people reclaim their true dreams and desires. She uses naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and coaching to help you reach your optimal health. Dr. Simeles has a special interest in environmental medicine, auto-immune disorders, neurological imbalances, tick borne disease, POTS, MCAS and hormonal health. Connecting with patients and practicing gentle individualized care, gives her a sense of fulfillment at work. She understands the value of believing a patient’s health experience and taking time to get a full picture of their health journey. Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Simeles is an avid Orange Theory member, loves to boulder, play ultimate (frisbee), and go scuba diving in tropical locations. She is dedicated to personal growth and development and is always learning something new.