What to Expect

My focus is on chronic disease and conditions like fibromyalgia,  CIRS, lyme, auto immune conditions like lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome and also early stage MS. Our clinical staff understand the importance of a structured evaluation and treatment protocol, and this overview should give you an idea of what to expect from your course of treatment.


Your First Visit (2 hr or 2.5 hr)

Your first visit includes a very conversational, personable consultation with thorough history, a preliminary physical exam, and different tests. Come prepared with questions so we can work through those to your satisfaction. Bring blood and other test results from the previous few years, bring everything you think may help us to evaluate the different components of your condition.

Testing– In your first visit, it is a high priority to test all relevant hormones, including a 4-spot saliva test for cortisol and blood testing for other hormones. Depending on your specific needs, we may also perform thorough assessments of neurotransmitter balance, nutritional deficiencies, organic acid levels, anemia and iron deficiency, digestive issues, candida, parasites, and food allergies.

Treatment Recommendations– The primary goals of treatment recommendations you’ll receive during your first visit are to decrease pain, improve sleep, prime detox pathways, and address any other unique high priorities you may have.

Nutritional Support and Supplements– In order for your body’s detox pathways to normalize processing and flow-through of metabolic waste and to prepare your body for treatments after lab review, we will also make specific recommendations for nutritional modifications and supplementation in your first visit. Nutritional support of mitochondria, immune system and pain are also implemented at this time if appropriate.

Other modalities that may be indicated during your first visit:

  • IV therapy to help with pain, fatigue, detoxification and immunity. Many patients receive their first Body Pain IV after their first visit to start the recovery process.
  • Injection therapies ranging from B-shots, minor autohemotherapy and immunoglobulins or GamaSTAN.
  • Therapeutic injections for pain – nerve, muscle and joint pain include prolozone, neuraltherapy and segmental therapy
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent for pain and other harder to treat especially nerve or neurologic conditions.
  • Ozone steam saunas to stimulate mitochondrial energy production, detox and immune function.


Your Second Visit (2 – 4 weeks later, 1 hr to 1.5hr)

Check-in and planning– Your second visit will include a thorough review of lab testing done during the first visit with discussion of action items. This is where we’ll put our heads together and taylor a structured treatment plan based on your priorities known thus far. There is time to answer questions.

Testing– Identify obstacles like infections through Quest and Labcorp, Igenex, Fry labs; causes for autoimmunity, targets of autoimmune attach through Cyrex labs, mold toxicity through Realtime labs or Dr Shoemakers testing system.

Continued treatment and recommendations– We’ll continue with treatment recommendations from first visit and look to ensure hormone levels are balanced (thyroid, adrenal hormones cortisol and aldosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone). We’ll also look into specific nutrient deficiencies like iron, magnesium, zinc as per test results through oral supplements, injections or IV’s as needed. We’ll adjust your sleep and pain protocol if needed, start balancing your immune and nervous system, and adjust and prescribe bioidentical hormones [BHRT] if needed. Finally, we’ll look to address digestive tract infections like candida, SIBO and parasites with appropriate combinations of prescriptions and natural medicines.


Your Third Visit (6-8 weeks later, 45 minutes)

Check-in and planning– We will discuss in detail progress and problems, re-evaluate your plan of action and apply necessary changes. We also review results from second visit testing, infectious titers, mold toxicity, autoimmune conditions etc. This is where anti-microbial treatments are implemented for most patients (both natural and prescription if needed). You’ll also evaluate the remaining action items and plan for the next visit, usually in 4 weeks time. There is time allowed for discussion and questions.

Testing– We’ll assess for toxicities esp toxic metals [provoked urine toxic metals testing], follow up testing for hormones prescribed, further or reflex testing for infections and other problems.

Continued treatment and recommendations– If indicated, we’ll implement antimicrobial therapy after discussion, adjust sleep and pain protocol if needed, balance your immune and nervous system, adjust any bioidentical hormones (BHRT), start removing toxicities especially mycotoxins and mold toxins. We’ll ensure hormones stay balanced (thyroid, adrenal hormones cortisol and aldosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone). We’ll continue to monitor specific nutrient deficiencies, implement glutathione IV’s and oral glutathione and glutathione building and recycling strategies for toxicity. Finally, we may add phosphatidylcholine orally and IV, alpha lipoic acid orally and IV as needed.


Your Fourth Visit (10 weeks later, 45 minutes)

Check-in and plan adjustments– We’ll evaluate the results from your third visit testing and plan a retesting schedule for all relevant findings and responses to interventions thus far. Once a long-term treatment plan is in place, we strongly encourage you to schedule in advance in order to ensure visits are available at convenient times and to best serve your recovery. We will do our best to accommodate any commitments you have with work, school, childcare etc. Our most successful outcomes are  in patients that prioritize their recovery and commit to treatment with our team at Restorative Health Clinic.