I’d like to share a few uses of Cordyceps sinensis, a valuable herbal medicine we use to help support improvement and recovery in cases of fatigue, lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome including chronic infections and fibromyalgia. I like the fact that this is a very well studied medicine, both in folkloric and scientific terms and is completely safe to use as medicine and food. .

Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms have stood the test of time as a “super-ginseng” for rejuvenation and stamina.

Studies and historic folkloric use support the following properties of Cordyceps:

Improves fatigue – in a study done on >2,000 elderly patients with fatigue, Cordyceps reduced fatigue, cold intolerance, dizziness, nighttime urination, tinnitus, sexual function and desire, memory loss. Athletes extensively use Cordyceps to improve stamina and enducrance, and is said to be used by Chinese athletes winning a surprising amount of gold medals from 1992 onward. Cordyceps increases athletic performance

Adrenal and Sexual function – balances glandular function and has a profound effect on the adrenals, increasing the amount of hormones produced by the adrenals. Cordyceps is valuable in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and male impotence.

Respiratory and kidney health – even though it takes about 5 weeks to act in asthma and continuous use is essential, Cordyceps affects the immune system and inflammation positively. Cordyceps protects the kidneys against toxic stubstances, and causes overall significant improvement in creatinine clearance, reduces BUN in patients with chronic renal failure.

Cardiovascular health – Want to lower bad LDL cholesterol and increase good HDL cholesterol? Cordyceps can cause up to a 10% improvement within two months time while opening coronary arteries and increasing blood flow to the heart muscle and brain.


In traditional eastern use, these mushrooms are always cooked in soups and stews, and from research it appears that hot water extracts is the best method to harvest the active ingredients [beta-glucan polysaccharide] as compared to alcohol extracts and mushroom powder. Cordyceps is really a food and is extremely safe to use for people of all ages.



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