Trygve is a skilled and compassionate medical assistant who received his education at Concorde College. His journey in healthcare began with a focus on helping patients with chronic illnesses, quickly developing a passion for providing support and care.

In his role at Restorative Health Clinic, Trygve wears many hats. He efficiently manages tasks in the front office, coordinating patient care with precision and dedication. His organizational skills contribute to the smooth functioning of the clinic, ensuring that patients receive the attention and care they need.

Trygve’s expertise extends to being an IV start extraordinaire, showcasing his proficiency in performing this critical aspect of patient care. His skill in this area helps ensure that patients receive their treatments with confidence and minimal discomfort.

What sets Trygve apart is his deep satisfaction in creating a safe and welcoming environment for patients. He takes pride in providing a space where patients feel heard and listened to, particularly those needing help finding such understanding elsewhere.

Beyond his technical skills, Trygve brings a sense of balance and calmness to the clinic. His grounding force resonates with the team and the patients, fostering a positive atmosphere. This not only enhances the overall patient experience but also contributes to a harmonious work environment for his colleagues.

Trygve’s dedication to his role goes beyond the tasks at hand; he actively contributes to the well-being of everyone at Restorative Health Clinic. His passion for creating a supportive and caring space reflects the clinic’s commitment to holistic patient care.