Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Diagnosing Chronic Conditions

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used as a medical treatment for 100s of years.

Harvard Medical School even had a chamber built in 1928 that provided a tool for research for years to come. Public interest really started to grow in the 1960s after the news released that President Kennedy’s ill infant was treated using HBOT. Today you will find a hyperbaric chamber at most large hospitals in the United States because of the many studies clearly showing its benefit for a variety of conditions.

The treatment really comes down to the healing power of Oxygen. The more oxygen present leads to more ATP energy created. This in turn leads to better function, quicker healing and enhanced growth and regeneration. Oxygen also has antimicrobial effects on many organisms providing enhancements in immune function.

HBOT is most famous for treating patients who have had a stroke. It is very effective supplying the brain with oxygen and improving circulation. Any wound external or internal will heal at an astounding rate when the body is supplied with additional oxygen. This can be used after accidents or before and after surgeries. HBOT has a profound effect on inflammation with reductions in both acute and chronic inflammatory disorders. Many supporting studies show significant reductions in pain both acute and chronically. There are even studies showing benefits in glucose levels further helping patients with Diabetes.

HBOT is very safe but caution should still be taken. You should not use HBOT if you have untreated Pneumothorax or are pregnant. You should also avoid HBOT if you have a current sinus or upper respiratory infection, severe Emphysema, COPD or other breathing problems. HBOT session usually run for 90min with 60min at 1.4 ATA pressure. This is the equivalent pressure of being underwater about 10-12 ft. This pressure can create ear drum discomfort unless you can equalize the pressures naturally. For this reason the pressure is brought up and down slow to minimize discomfort.

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