This documentary highlights the revolutionary results of the 10 year, $31 million, NIH study to assess the impact of Chelation Therapy on heart disease and diabetes.


The findings are strongly positive:

Overall improvement 18%

Deaths reduced 7%

Heart Attacks reduced 23%

Strokes reduced 23%

need for Surgery reduced 19%

Hospitalization reduced 23%


Chelation to remove toxic metals from the body is a very important part of treating chronic diseases like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration and more – metals interfere with the cells ability to make energy, blood vessels ability to manage blood supply to organs like the heart and brain, which is the start of most chronic and degenerative diseases.

The biggest take home is to understand that some of the most important functions of restorative medicine is to REMOVE bad things from the body, as well as to provide needed nutrients and helpful medicines. This balanced give and take offers more lasting results as you remove roadblocks to healing.

Action item: Insist your doctor does a Urine Toxic Metals test, post provocative, to screen for elevated levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, uranium etc, or call the clinic to ask about our structured testing and treatment protocol for safe sustainable removal of toxic metals as part of treating chronic disease.

Werner Vosloo ND, MHom.


Unleaded Movie Trailer

A documentary exposing the attempt to hide the revolutionary results of the 10 year $31 million NIH study to assess the impact of Chelation Therapy on heart disease and diabetes.

In 1999, cardiologist Roy Heilbron, MD and Angelique Hart, MD began participating in the $31 million double-blind NIH PACT & TACT studies on the effects of Chelation Therapy on heart disease, diabetes, and heart attacks. On Nov. 4, 2012, Dr. Gervasio Lamas, the director of the TACT study presented the stunning results of 10 year study that ivolved over 130 clinics and 1,700 patients at the annual American Heart Association’s 2012 Scientific Sessions. Later that day, Elliott Antman, MD, Director of the AHA, announced that there was not enough information to recommend Chelation Therapy until more studies were done in the future, although TACT was designed to be the definitive study. Normally published the same day as the presentations, the NIH TACT results were not published by the Journal of the American Medicine Association for an unprecedented 5 months, until March 27, 2013, at which time they were ignored and hidden by the mainstream media.

‘Unleaded” takes a look at how heavy metals cause disease, and what Chelation Therapy can do towards possibly curing heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases by removing heavy metals and toxins from our bodies.

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