We’re headed towards a ‘post-antibiotic era,’ WHO

The day is now upon us when we can no longer rely on our patented prescription medications for the majority of our health concerns. Many cases of Lyme and other tick-borne infections, for instance, require single-to-triple antibiotic protocols to control the infections, and even then, there are strains that resist antibiotics.


Studying the real problem—which is not so much the bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus, but rather the reasons the immune system was compromised—helps turn the wheel considerably.

Natural Medicine’s Answer:

Adding a combination of natural antibiotics as the leading therapy, or in conjunction with prescription antibiotics, we are able to make progress in resolving the issue most of the time. Herbal antibiotics have multiple components and ingredients, making it difficult for infections to develop a resistance to them.

What the Future Holds:

Our understanding of the components of infectious conditions, our ability to counteract the disruptive effects of most infections, and the ability to kill a wide variety of infections, has increased. It is no longer as simple as taking a three-day course of Rx antibiotics; effective treatment requires a holistic approach that provides a complete picture of each patient’s lifestyle and corresponding health concerns.

Werner Vosloo ND MHom.
”The germ is nothing, terrain is everything.” – Claude Bernard (1813-1878)